Transport DBN
Transport DBN

Transport.Com is a BEE accredited company operating on the business principles of long term viability, customer focus, efficient use of valuable resources and continued improved performance
We endeavour to provide our customers with ethical, efficient and professional service at all times and most importantly delivering the highest level of service at all times.
Guiding principals:
We aim to develop a long term partnership with our customers. Only by understanding both our local and long distance customer’s requirements will we be able to meet their needs with exception and share the benefits of continued growth and profit.
People and team work:
We believe in participative management and open communication so as to create a working environment that encourages involvement and team work.
Advanced Technology:
We are committed to technical innovation and believe in the value of well trained people in all functions
Environmental Concerns:
We will only operate the business in an environmentally responsible manner.
Quality Improvement:
We believe in continuous quality improvement by everyone and everything that we do.

Fleet Size

55 trucks

80 trailers (including triaxales, superlinks & inter-links)

Step deck trailer.
Kalmar machine 40 ton.
3 x Sidelifter 40 ton (Boxloader)
22 x genset units Profile (PDF – 3MB)
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