Transport DBN
Transport DBN

Harbour Carrier

Transport.Com is a recognised Harbour Carrier and every vehicle in our fleet has been issued with Harbour Carrier Permit which enables us to enter the Harbour area for trans-shipment of containers and break bulk cargo. is registered with the Harbour Carriers division of SAAFF.
Sue Moodley, currently occupies the Chairperson’s Position for Harbour Carriers.
Represents Pier 1, Pier 2, Maydon Wharf & Point

In Transit

All our vehicles are fitted with Compass tracking system and cellular phones which enables us to constantly monitor the location of vehicles to ensure prompt delivery times.
As a company which operates a 24 hour work schedule, management is in constant contact with operational and administrative staff which allows for effective problem solving for customers.

Cargo Handling

Our vehicles are equipped with all the necessary load protection equipment to ensure the safety of your products. These include:

Tarpaulins and over tarpaulins – our tarpaulins are inspected regularly for damage and cleanliness to ensure maximum load protection in inclement weather conditions.
Load straps


Insurance – Goods in transit
All goods conveyed on vehicles used by are ensured for Goods in transit on securing adequate cover prior to loading and transporting the goods.We will do our best to minimise any associated risks to our clients.
Other aspects of insurance regarding public liability such as spillage and clean-up will be made available and every precaution will be taken to ensure that the health and safety of employees,the public and the environment are not compromised.
Our limit is R 1 000 000 according to the stipulated trading terms and conditions.

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8735Cargo Finished
9450Team Members
4150Miles Traveled
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